I got new radios!

After getting my Kenwood DM-710A and (half of) my Kenwood TS-480SAT stolen in December 2020, I’ve finally replaced them. The DM-710A has been replaced with a DM-710GA, which is virtually the same radio but with built-in GPS and updated firmware. For HF, I’ve just acquired an Icom IC-7300, which is the first Icom radio I’ve owned since my ancient IC-T8E handheld – which is still kicking around in a drawer somewhere.

First impressions of the IC-7300 are great – easy to set up, easy to use, and given that 95% of what I do with HF is digital modes, being able to connect it with one cable to a computer is great. I’m looking forward to taking it out to do some portable operation at some point in the future!