New beginnings

After a long, drawn-out, tiring move that coincided – albeit unplanned – with getting married, at the beginning of August Nicole and I jumped the Rockies and moved to Calgary, Alberta. With a new province comes new callsigns, and after almost 7 years I said goodbye to the oldest callsign I’ve actively used and VE7CXZ went back into the pool of available callsigns for BC – along with VA7HTJ and VA7YK. In exchange, I’ve now got VE6CXZ, VE6HUE and VE6LY, as ISED Canada replaces all the calls you hold. I’m planning on using VE6LY for the most part, and I’m using VE6LY-9 for APRS.

I’m hoping to be a bit more active on HF now that we’ve bought our own place, although it’s a condo so there’s still that challenge*. I’ve also joined the local club – the Calgary Amateur Radio Association – and I’m looking forward to getting more involved with a club again. I’ve even started trying to learn Morse code again…

* I wonder if anyone would notice if I ran coax up 6 floors to the roof…

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