The (less temporary) return of VE7CXZ

My last post here was almost 3 years ago, somewhat ironically referring to me (for arcane, wonderfully regulatory reasons) using my UK callsign while on a short trip to Washington. After that, to the outside observer it would seem that the bit rot really set in. The reality, though, is… well, pretty much the same.

Being in an apartment rather than a house means that operating HF in particular is a challenge, and so my options are pretty limited. It’s for this reason that virtually all of my HF operation nowadays is portable, which in turn means there’s a lot more effort involved than just plonking my backside down at my desk at home. Anyway, the gist of this is that I gradually spent my time doing other things – mostly playing Ingress – and other than spitting out APRS beacons from the D710 in my truck, radio mostly went on the most back of back-burners.

However, a few months ago that started to change again. After encouraging a friend to get licensed I started to remember the fun stuff I’ve done with amateur radio in the past and decided that it was time to ditch my half-arsed portable set up and put things together properly. I bit the bullet and ordered a few things I’ve been thinking about for a while (which are subjects for future posts) and I’m well on the way to having an actual, (semi-)reliable set up. So much so that with the RSGB IOTA contest coming up at the end of July, I decided to apply to ISED Canada for a special event callsign and after parting with $60 was given VC7A to use for the weekend. Since I now have 36 cans of cider’s worth of a callsign, you could say I have a vested interest in using it so the next month will be me preparing for my first radio contest in 5 years. I just hope I’ve remembered how to do it…